Daily Archives: May 3, 2019


Percy, my hedgehog, died. I’ve been really sad about it. I’ve also had really bad headaches for the past few days and I’m not entirely sure why. I still haven’t even called the office about getting an appointment for testosterone, which is getting me kind of down. Since school ended and elections happened where I am, I’ve just been super unhappy. I have nothing going on that keeps me on schedule right now, so I’ve been eating and sleeping at weird times. My friends are often busy. I should be unpacking since I moved recently, but I can’t really bring myself to do it. Even brushing my teeth every day feels like such a hard chore. I’m genuinely struggling to do the most small tasks. Yesterday, I put up the first decoration in my new home. Today, I called my therapist’s office to make an appointment. I know these are good steps, but I feel really gross and useless that those are all I’ve accomplished. I’m just tired and sad.