It’s been over 2 months since I posted. I’ve been having a hard time with my mental health for a while, but I couldn’t really talk about it. Keith and I aren’t talking anymore. He gave up on our friendship. At this point, I’m honestly just mad at him. I know it was like 75% my fault, but he didn’t even try talking to me about it before he just stopped answering me. Then Marz got a matching tattoo with someone else, which would make any matching tattoo we were going to get together mean basically nothing. I’m just feeling like shit. This whole year has been mostly lows overlapping each other too much for me to feel up to talking about anything. Even just a bunch of small things like my internet not working for a while, making lots of calls while trying to switch my phone plan from one company to another, my phone breaking recently, my card for my apartment’s laundry machines breaking, having a public mental breakdown when seeing Father’s Day stuff. I mean, I guess those aren’t all small things, but they aren’t as big as some of the other things. I’m tired. The bad keeps coming, and I’m tired of it.

3 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Lots of crap going on in your life, many of which could get its own post. *Wink wink*
    But I understand being unable to make more posts, even though I like reading your thoughts.

    Question, if you and Marz got a matching tattoo in the future, why would it mean basically nothing? A person is only allowed one matching tattoo with someone on their body? If you two went out and got a matching Harry Potter tattoo (for example) wouldn’t that be special? When either of you looked at it you’d think of each other, if you talked about it to others, you’d mention each other. It might even be in a more prominent spot than the tattoo Marz currently has.

  2. In my dream last night the question was posed to me how I would feel about a matching tattoo with my brother. I thought it’d be kind of cool, but nothing much for him, since he already has like twenty tattoos.
    So it made me realize how this might make you feel Walgo. Sure a matching tattoo with Marz would still be neat, but obviously it won’t be as meaningful for Marz as her first tattoo. And that lack of specialness for her, will lead to it being less special for you. Sure it can still be special, just not to the same degree.
    Love you Walgo.

    1. Yeah, it’s not so much that it’s a tattoo, but the matching part. We’ve been talking about getting matching tattoos for years, and we had just decided what to get a week or two before she got a matching one with someone else. I wouldn’t ever get a matching tattoo with someone who isn’t one of my closest, best friends, so I just don’t understand. I was a little disappointed when she said she was getting a tattoo, but it’s her life. When she said they were matching, I was devastated. Anyway, it’s over now. There’s nothing that can be done.

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