Random Q&A With My Sister

Hey, so I don’t post a lot anymore because I generally don’t know what to post about. However, my teenage sister and I had a whole conversation the other day of just asking each other random questions, so I figure I might as well just throw my answers on here, because I dunno. (Also, she called me sister and I said I didn’t think I really qualified as a sister since I’m not a girl and she called me sibling! It made me feel very good.)

“On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?” – 3

You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?” – Denmark

“What is your favorite letter of the alphabet other than the letter your first name starts with?” – N. So, I have started going by a shorter version of my name, because I feel like it’s more gender-neutral, and it now ends with N. I’ve started appreciating it since I started going by that name more. I guess I notice it more now that it’s on the end of my name instead of in the middle.

“Whats your least favorite color?” – Yellow.

“What’s your favorite number?” – 2, partly because it’s my birthday number, but I also love how it looks. I like that it’s an even number, and it matches up nicely with my favourite colour, which is orange, which is a secondary colour and the second colour in the rainbow.

“What’s your favorite animal?” – There are several that I could choose, but I think I’d have to say pigs, though axolotls and leopard geckos are also pretty high on the list.

“What’s your favourite Disney movie?” – It’s really hard for me to choose between The Nightmare Before Christmas (the one I always say) and Lilo & Stitch (which is much more personal). I feel like if a stranger asked me why my favourite movie is what it is, I would have an easier time explaining The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s a lot less emotional of an answer than Lilo & Stitch, which is probably why I stuck with it so hard for so long. I also have a Stitch plush that my dad got me from our trip to Disneyland together, so that makes it all the more emotional on that level. Though I do also have a 4ft tall Jack Skellington plush that my dad got me from Disneyworld, but it’s a little different because I wasn’t on that trip.

What is your favourite word?” – Cacophony

If you had to be named after a city/state/country which would it be?” – Denver

“If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would you choose?” – Kaitlyn Alexander

“What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?” – If I could just know automatically how to be a mechanic, that would be awesome. If I have to actually put in the effort, I’d sooner learn ASL.

“If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?” – Laptop, phone, necklace of my dad’s fingerprint, a backpack, and a small RV type of vehicle.

Let me know if this felt like something you would want more of, because I can find all sorts of weird questions to answer. By that, I mean I already have a bunch of weird questions I could answer, because how else do you think I came up with things to ask my sister.

2 thoughts on “Random Q&A With My Sister

  1. 1.) Why cacophony?
    2.) Without me googling it, who is Kaitlyn Alexander, and why did you choose this person.
    3.) Denver. . . .people would likely try to call you Denny, how do you feel about that?

    P.S. This past weekend I was talking with my nephew about favourite letters, as his is “W” and it is not in his name at all. He just really likes it. When asked my favourite letter, I went with “Y”. I wonder if it’s the same reason you picked “N”, “Y” is the last letter of my name, Teddy. “Y” is pretty snazzy though, I like how it can be written, it’s an odd ball as sometimes a vowel, just a cool letter in my mind.

  2. Cacophony: maybe because somebody decided to use a nice-sounding word to mean “harsh discordance of sound.”

    Kaitlyn Alexander is a non-binary actor and musician. You can find them on youtube. They acted in a youtube series called Carmilla and they make and star in another series called Couple-ish. I love both of those, and I love their music, and I just think they would be super cool to meet, and I maybe have a crush. haha

    I would not like to be called Denny… But maybe Denver could be my middle or last name.

    I like Y too. I had a really hard time picking a letter, because I also really like L, R, W, Y, and Z.

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